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Total raised
2,314 BTC / 5,347,423

Investments sent later than 17.59 GMT May 31, will not be received by Exscudo. Those who are late for the ICO will get a refund equal to the sum they have sent.


Exscudo is the gateway between traditional economy and cryptocurrency markets. It includes solutions for private and institutional investors, traders and those who casually use our chatwallet day-to-day. Exscudo consists of:

Exscudo Exchange
Channels App
Trading Terminals
EON Blockchain


why exscudo

Trading and investment

A long chain of intermediaries on fiat exchanges may ruin your trading experience. 2.5 bn people worldwide are unbanked and do not have access to any financial system.

Exscudo provides an opportunity to trade in the open market with minimal commissions from any device connected to the Internet. Users can invest, trade, purchase and manage funds from one single account.

Versatile Trading tools

Many cryptocurrency exchanges are limited only to buying and selling currencies and offer the same trading interfaces for beginners and experts.

The Exscudo exchange features web, mobile clients and a professional trading terminal. The interfaces are both user-friendly, adaptable to the needs of experienced traders and includes all the necessary graphs and indices.

Data security

The majority of wallets and exchanges are susceptible to hacks. Data transmission and storage becomes even more challenging.

Exscudo solves the problem of security. EON, our proprietary blockchain platform, provides for independence, decentralized data access and transaction encryption. Exscudo Channels is a safe way of messaging and transferring money.

Legal compliance

Institutional investors do not enter the cryptocurrency market due to legal restrictions. This is also why retail companies don’t accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Exscudo grants financial institutions legal access to cryptocurrencies. Our Merchant Platform lets stores accept cryptos. To comply with international and national legislation, Exscudo is getting all necessary licences in the country of residence in the EU.

is powered by
the EON

EON is a proprietary, flexible and independent blockchain technology created by the Exscudo Team. It enables the Exscudo Ecosystem to function quickly and securely. Exscudo doesn’t use any other alternative blockchain because of problems with speed, scalability and flexibility. Some blockchains are vulnerable to hacks and have unclear development perspectives. These are the reasons why we have decided to create our own blockchain that meets all our needs and market standards.

IСO and
EON Emission

One-time EON emission is planned. Will be distributed in the following way:

Bounty campaign
Advisers and Ambassadors
240 000 000
Investors and ICO
Supervisory Board
Technical tokens for stabilization of distributed network at the early stage
Testing and bug bounty


150 720 000 EON
for sale
1 EON = 0.0002 BTC
current unsold
coins multiplicator**
37 days

You can book EON tokens in advance. Buy them within 48h after the ICO launch and get more than what you paid for.

Presale / Buy off time
first 10 days
second 10 days
the rest of the days
37 days

* All pre-orders are fixed in a ‘book’ - a list - and closed after the receivement of payment during the first 48h of the ICO. Users who have pre-ordered coins have priority, but the orders are closed in turns according to the list. The first booked are paid in first.

** In the event that not all of the coins allocated for investment are sold during the ICO, 50% of the remaining unsold coins will be distributed among the ICO participants, in shares equal to possession of the tokens at the time of the ICO's end.
The shares of the Exscudo team, the board of directors, the share of technical coins, the Bounty campaign coins, and the coins of advisors and testers will not participate in the distribution of the unsold portion of the coins.
Out of the remaining 50% of unsold coins we will form a non-profit Exscudo fund, its main task will be scientific development of the EON blockchain and Exscudo security systems.


of EON tokens

for node owners

All node owners receive daily payouts of commissions from transactions on the EON network. The more EONs the user holds, the bigger is the chance to sign a block and to get a reward.

Zero-commission on Exscudo Exchange

Everyone who participates in the ICO will get a zero commission for all operations on the Exscudo Exchange for a daily trading-exchange volume equal to the amount invested. This lifetime privilege is assigned to your Exscudo account.

ICO investments
will be
channelled to

Legal costs
Clearing funds*

* Clearing funds are funds that will be allocated in fiat deposits to our partner banks in jurisdictions where Exscudo operates. The funds will be used for internal automatic clearing operations and to enable minimum commissions for our users.


$4,5 mln
4 years
6+1 products
to start



♦ Developed proprietary blockchain-platform

♦ Developed basic market core

♦ Developed listings server and basis for the trading exchange functions

♦ Developed functional multi currency wallet on the basis of the proprietary blockchain-platform

♦ Renewed core of the exchange, expanded functions

♦ Completion of the development of the blockchain-platform with the support of user groups and multiple subscriptions

♦ Development of functional decentralized secure messenger

♦ Expansion functions of the exchange functions and the development of the listing server

♦ Expansion of exchange functions

♦ Expansion of the listings function of the exchange

♦ Expansion of trading functions of the exchange

♦ Launch of the chatwallet app (decentralized secure messenger and multi currency wallet) (Q1/Q2 2017)

♦ Open beta testing of the exchange (Q2 2017)

♦ Launch of exchange services (listings server, web-services of multi currency wallet) (Q2/Q3 2017)

♦ Launch of trading on the exchange (Q2/Q3 2017)

♦ Launch of the mobile phone trading terminal for Android (Q2/Q3 2017)

♦ Launch of the mobile phone trading terminal for iOS (Q2/Q3 2017)

♦ Launch of accounts with the integration of fiat currencies and launch of branded cards (Q2/Q3 2017)

♦ Launch of merchant-platform (Q1/Q2 2018)

♦ Launch of full trading terminals with expanded functions (Android, iOS, Desktop) (Q1/Q2 2018)


Whitepaper v1.0
PDF, 761 KB
Development Plan
PDF, 113 KB


EON Whitepaper
PDF, 456 KB
Crowdsale Prospectus
PDF, 344 KB


Blockchain Proprietary IP Certificate
PDF, 561 KB
Exchange Proprietary IP Certificate
PDF, 565 KB

Core Team

Andrew Zimine
CEO, founder
Alex Sitnikov, PhD, MBA/MBI
CTO, Founder
Julian Kossinov, M.Sc.
CFO, M.Sc.
Alex Rebyakov
Lead Core Developer
Eugen Tchudinovskih
Lead Developer of trading terminals
Oleg Bondar
Head of Front-End and App Development
Konstantin Afanasiev
Head of UX/UI
Aliaksandr Zahatski
Head of Web Development
Anton Baukin
Lead Java Developer
Andrew Zimine
CEO, founder

Andrew is the Owner and the CEO of Exscudo. With over 18 years of experience in IT technologies and their integration into the real sector of economy he has worked on managerial positions for more than 8 years now. He is a consulting expert on DAPPS Ethereum and consults major Russian financial market players on cryptocurrencies trading. Andrew is an expert on blockchain technologies and decentralized cryptographic data transfer networks.

Alex Sitnikov, MBA/MBI
CTO, Founder

Alex has over 15 years of experience in IT and over 9 years of management experience in this sphere. His specialty is IT management. Alex has a scientific degree of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is an expert in development of core and trading terminals for major Russian exchange systems. Alex also worked as a system architect for IBM.

Julian Kossinov, M.Sc.
CFO, M.Sc.

Julian is the CFO of our company. He is a professional multilingual financial adviser focused on managing a variety of financial matters of a company and a lead person in communication with stakeholders. He has a vast experience in corporate financial management and deep knowledge of the international and EU financial legislation.

Alex Rebyakov
Lead Core Developer

Before joining Exscudo, Alex worked as the Head of IT systems development for the Central Bank of Russia. He also developed IT systems for the leading russian electricity provider RAO Energy Systems, and led other projects for major Russian commercial and state clients. Besides that, Alex worked on a number of projects for the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Eugen Tchudinovskih
Lead Developer of trading terminals

Before joining Exscudo, Eugen participated as a lead in the development of many banking products of Agroprombank. He also worked as the Director of the IT Department in the NPO ‘Expert Chamber’.

Oleg Bondar
Head of Front-End and App Development

Oleg is an experienced finance software developer. He leads the front-end and app development for all Exscudo Ecosystem products. Before joining the team, Oleg worked as Deputy CEO for a major Russian software developer, leading the development of the company’s most important product - a trading and analytical software system. He has also worked for the "IT-invest" as a Project Manager, where he developed trading terminals and analytical software. Oleg has also solid experience in working for overseas companies with relocation.

Konstantin Afanasiev
Head of UX/UI

Konstantin leads the UX/UI design of Exscudo financial and blockchain-based products. He has over five years of experience in the design of interfaces for bank, brokers and financial systems. He has been working as a designer since 1998.

Aliaksandr Zahatski
Head of Web Development

Alexander leads the development of web interfaces of all Exscudo services and websites. Before joining Exscudo, he worked as Chief Information Officer for a major e-commerce company. He has solid experience in the development of web services for different types of companies, from IT giants to local businesses.

Anton Baukin
Lead Java Developer

Anton is one of the lead Exscudo developers. He has taken part in the development of Exscudo Channels and is now working on other elements of the ecosystem. Anton has been writing in Java since 2006. Before joining Exscudo, he has worked for Naumen, a major Russian software developer, and other fintech and trading companies.

Advisers &

Richard Kastelein
Project Ambassador
Christian Kossinov
Financial Strategy Advisor,
European and Asian Markets

press about
exscudo & eon